Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let Me Tell You 'bout the Birds and the Bees

Ok, how about just the bees? But first (patience, Prudence), a bit of cleaning up. For some reason Blogger has been a little wonky lately (as in not letting me post Saturday). I am not really sure what's going on, but hopefully it will get fixed soon. Hence the changing fonts, messed up pages, etc. I don't know how it all looks to you, but it's driving me crazier. 

Also, I'm posting this early because Governor Padilla is going to be here at 11:00 this morning (Sunday morning) behind El Batey at the basketball courts. Now...why, on a Sunday morning when many people will be in the church of their choice, I have no idea and no one is telling me anything, but if you can get there, get there!

Speaking of those in high political office, I got an email that made me really happy and proud today. If you've been reading the blog lately, you saw some photos of the Lusty Mallard crew, including Dan, of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. He left early because his college was having their commencement and Dr. Jill Biden was giving the address. Woot woot!!! This was covered live and is on video here, if you are interested. Congratulations to all!

Dr. Jill Biden and Dan
photo credit: unknown

After so much out and about time with the lads, I've been home the last few days, much to the delight of the cat, who is not letting me get too far from her - as in right now I'm having to shift her rear end off the keyboard...except aha! a cat and two big dogs just came into the yard and she leapt out the door to defend the home front. Good girl. An Attack Cat sign would not be amiss here, but since dogs and cats aren't the best readers I just let nature take its course. Get 'em!

Old Crinkle Ear

 Some colors of late Spring. 

I was down at the end of the yard by the water and saw this thing, and then realized it was the partial carapace of a lobster. The reddish color I get, but the blue? Unknown.
That little bit of green grass is filling in slowly but surely. I'm easily pleased. By Nature, that is.

Remember the compost pond and the plants I threw in there? They are the best growing things in my yard. Of course, I do keep the screen over them to keep critters out, but there is only about 1/2 inch of dirt in there, the rest is veg and fruit scraps with a few egg shells. Everything is really happy, including the avocado tree.

Now we get to the bees. I lied about the birds. Maybe later. The big genipe tree is in full flower and in the morning, while it is very still, the roar of the bees is amazing, seeming to vibrate the air with almost palpable waves of hummmmmmming.

Since the tree is literally right outside my door I learned a long time ago that they are way too drunk to be interested in me, so I don't have any fears walking under the branches where thousands of honey bees are drinking their faces off working hard at nectar and pollen gathering, though the pollen is more of a rubbed on side benefit they will use to feed their larvae. Clever, those bees.

Truthfully, I love to see them; knowing that we have a healthy bee population is a good sign of our own ecological health. I know when they get into the walls of my friends' homes, or bartenders fruits they are not feeling so happy, but...a good sign is a good sign and I'll take it.

I tried a long shot to take in how many were filling the air but it was beyond me.

This one is my personal favorite. I'm not at all sure why the sky looks white but I don't care. Did I just write that?
Have a supremely saturated Sunday! Do something sublimely sensate.

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