Friday, May 10, 2013

Free Range Friday or I Had a Dream!

 Art: Jack Burnley. ©DC Comics 1943
I dreamed last night that I was a super hero. I had a costume, but it wasn't skin tight, like my cohorts to the left, it was a gardening costume I'd actually wear. Baggy pants, rubber gardening clogs, gloves of bright color and I'm sure I had a shirt on but I'm not at all sure what kind. I know I had a canvas type many pocketed apron, with tools and seeds and a tape measurer. 
When called on for heroics, I went around the world teaching people how to make gardens. There were farm gardens and city gardens, herb gardens on a kitchen window sill to huge gardens on estates. 
It was a really good dream and for once I know the impetus of it, which was looking at gardening goodies before I went to sleep. When I half woke up from it, I wrote down, so I wouldn't forget, this line 'It's so awesome to be a superhero in one's own dreams...went around and saved people with gardening, etc.'. I'm not sure what the etc. was about. But I do know that gardening can save people. It's physical and spiritual. It fills the mind and eventually the belly. It can be a sacred meditation and a blister raising pain in the ass at the same time. Well. Maybe not exactly the same time.

Back on different ground. We have actually gotten a couple of decent rains here. I guess the universe is being kind to our visitors because they have been spread out, when we'd like about three solid days of rain. The ground is softer but could get back to cracking in an afternoon. I'm enjoying the softness. 

Remember the gumbo limbo's fuzzy blooms? Good, because they are gone now and it's all bounteous leaves.

Zuleyma wrote something the other day about our island being made of quartz and the power of that stone (and crystals). I never thought about that but I know it is everywhere in my yard and a few other secret places. Maybe that explains some of the magic of Culebra. 
In reading about quartz I learned a lot that I didn't know before. That amethyst, my favorite jewel stone, is a type of quartz! I had no idea. Onyx and citrine are as well, along with a lot more. 

Today's recipe is a little different. You can absolutely be filled up with it, it doesn't heat up the kitchen and it will work every single time.

MJ's version of a Happy Kids Meal 


One giant bubble wand (it doesn't have to be a giant bubble wand, but it helps) 
Children (1 or more, the more the better)


Hand bubbler to child. Stand back. Enjoy.

It tastes good! (he said)

I'm going to catch it! And she did.
Have a feed your feelings Friday. Do something farther out.

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