Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let the Games Continue!

I was just woken wide eyed awake by a pounding rain,  music to my ears except for the mad leap to close my computer, sitting below the window on the verge of getting an unwelcome bath. so the time might as well be used to sort out the last while or so. All of this holiday making has me a little unsure of the timelines, which are loosely tied at best.

These were not from yesterday but I did think they were a good example of how to turn fairly normal people into Dinghy Dockers in 5 seconds. Thank you. Mr. Gifford. 

Having made arrangements to break the fast together yesterday, I was surprised by the 'hey I'm here' call out a half hour before the time set. Luckily, the chickens and cat were fed so it was out the door and off to the east and the rising sun.

The morning light was literally stunning

I'm not sure what drew the laughing gulls but suddenly there they were, wheeling around and over the deck.
Later in the day we headed to Tamarindo so Dan could see the oh wonder of turtles and corals and beautiful fish oh my! His New Mexican desert life doesn't lend itself to watery gardens and he enjoyed that first time magic. 

I didn't bring my snorkel gear (not thinking exactly about what I was doing part Vll) so I watched more gulls instead, hanging on the beach with John, keeping an eye on our snorkelers. 

I've never seen a gull take a bath in the sea before but I did, then and there. Ducking and shaking and preening; this bath's for you.

Oh bubbles!

Spread those tail feathers, Mama!

Wiggle to the left, wiggle to the right

Gotta get my head all clean and pretty

Ok, this feels pretty much done

Pits all clean? Yep!

I'm Queen of the World!! hahahahahahahaha

I can hop pretty well too. Good bye.

The lads were back and the show was over for the day. It was time to return to my normal world, as normal as my world is, where the chickens weren't going to feed themselves (so far, anyway). A dip into 'being on holiday' mode has been as good and fun as a sea gull's bath time. While I think I can say I very rarely underappreciate the beauty of where I live, seeing it through vacationers' eyes is always good. Especially when you get good stories, good meals, good drink and good all around company with it. I think I'd have to call it a package deal I'm already booking for next year.
Snorkelers at Tamarindo are kept organized. Or at least their shoes are.
The rain has stopped. Very quietly and if I'm very good, sleep might claim me again. This time if that water from the sky starts again the computer will be closed, and it will simply be a lullaby.

Have a warmly wakeful Wednesday. Do something waist deep.

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