Monday, May 6, 2013

On The Sky Road Again (photo heavy, readers beware)

After an incredible electronic and telephone free holiday, the world of home is beckoning in the form of a city ride to the airport, sky and San Juan and then home. Amazing to be here (thanks more than words can ever express, Elijah and Jonny), and ready to be home. I hear the cat and chickens calling me.

Every picture tells a story story (thanks, Rod).

Pompano Beach in springtime

Friend of a friend and new friend Bobby Scott - we got together in St. Augustine and were kindly kept over for the night. Music and laughter and new friends on a night we'll not ever forget. Good lord.

Michael Justis and Bobby Scott

Theren and Roxy (Roxy is the one not drinking). Theren has captured my 'funniest woman I ever met' title.

Jacksonville at dawn

Eulonia General Store, formerly known as Peach World

These guys let us in even though they weren't quite open. Thanks, guys, the 'maters and Vidalia onions were awesome!

Making our way north


We picked up my son somewhere in NC and headed to the country

On the porch

A friend's newly built wonderful little house. The chair Jonny is sitting in is an old barrel, made into chairs by a 90 year old man our friend met on the roadside.

Porch numero dos

Jonny's newly finished HUGE basement b & b. Heat is good!

Elijah's on the grill...thanks, neighbor, for sharing!

Apparently, I was cold outside the covers

No binocs needed. Lift, fog, lift! (and it did)

Cabin cookin' Dutch oven style

An abandoned cabin (interesting use of sliders as windows)
More good cookin' and eatin'

Captured on the spy cam bringing home wood for warmth

Yep, there's deer out there!
Another neighbor's straw bale gardening (hope they didn't freeze)

Ruby throated hummingbird. The feeder made them a bunch of crackheads for juice

One story up from the basement, putting in some more support. An excellent neighbor, my son, the monkey boy and Jonny Go-fer.

Porch sittin'

I don't quite remember what this was but it was good!

Chiminea keeping us warm on the porch

A great restaurant in Boone, Char. I hear it has quite the night life too. Super friendly staff, fabulous food, awesome Bloody Mary's. Check it out if you are in Boone, NC.

Did I mention awesome Bloody Mary's? Made with Guinness added? Sounds weird, tastes good!

Shrimp grits and gravy, trout sandwich, bruschetta - ALL fantastic

Jonny chatting up the manager/bartender
A super cool store in Boone selling oils and vinegars, with tasting stations. Wow!

One of many cool old trucks on the road to Boone
I like the sign
and I liked this truck too

Elijah in hunting mode

Now I got you, you little...darling

Punky and Jonny at Destination

It could be more beau...not. Okay, sun would have been the icing on this cake.

Rebar put in for belaying hikers. Careful there, bro!

Another cool abandoned spot, complete with chair (and...I don't want to know what else)

Yummy pancakes! Thanks, Elijah!

What's not for dinner

Catching up with LC

A neighbor's gift of goose breasts. I wrapped them in bacon and braised them, then put them in a colander on top of the chiminea to get smokey juicy. They were excellent!

Jonny and Elijah were out and about when Elijah spotted some wild onions by a creek.

A cool cabin

I built a weather station. Jonny likes it!

Meat balls, with hamburger and Neese's sausage, onions, green peppers, s & p. And bacon.

At Blood Creek dam (nice to look at, awful history)
Good ol' boys at Ellers store and then...down the road

Jonny drove us to Winston Salem to Elijah's friend's place. We're out of the woods, if you can't tell.
Are you tired yet? I am! We went back to the cabin for one more night and headed out in 47 degree weather. What time was it? Time to get warm!

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go!

On the way out of the mountains

A de-commissioned power plant water fall

And another cool bridge

A stopover in Savannah and one last fabulous dinner of snow crab and oysters at the (S)hell House. Thanks, Jonny! (p.s. good $ deal in Savannah at the Best Western Gateway, large, clean and comfy)

After a long, grey and rainy drive, we finally hit Florida!

Sunday Funday at the Cove, Jonny ran into some old buds who'd just finished a charter trip. Happy guests caught mackerel and wahoo.

But we ate coconut shrimp and smoked fish dip with margaritas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo
And I'm out of here, thanks for your patience!

Have a make it home Monday! Do something movable.


  1. Welcome back!! It's great to see your pictures and comments again. You were up in our country, we live about 45 minutes NE of Winston Salem. The mountains of NC and VA are very beautiful, all green and rolling. Much older than the Rocky's, that's why they're smooth and not craggy. We're going to Savanna for a long weekend soon, will try out the Shell House. Glad you had a great trip.

    1. You must be really soggy right now! Apparently we left just in time to avoid the freezing, flooding, crazy weather. Have a great time in Savannah, let me know how you like the Shell House. I'm sorry I missed seeing some people I'd love to have seen but it was family agenda time!