Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain

When I got to Florida, which has only recently come through a drought, it was so green it was almost eye painful. Then, on the drive to North Carolina, wildflowers and that brand new baby iguana green of leaves and grass were everywhere. It's not that we've had no blossoms or that no green, strange beauty abounds, but that little burst from a few rains we were celebrating, the brief ones that unfurled long thirsty buds has, in the time I was gone, lost its effect and more.

What was kind of cute - the iguanas eating the aloes - is not even slightly cute anymore.

The sea almonds, which had shadily re-leafed in spring green have shed again

I don't know the name of this ground cover but it too is being decimated by the iguanas looking for moisture. When I left, you couldn't see the ground here. The leaves are from the genipa tree's second shedding
The predicted and expected rains don't fall here, even while there are flood advisories on the big island. Dark clouds hang heavy and then move away. Colors of dawn this morning are dulled by a blanket of grey that isn't lifting yet and hopes for rain continue.

In the meantime, the wild chickens are right on springtime (and bunny time) schedule, reproducing and spreading themselves farther and wider around my place. Fish are jumping and someplace, the cotton is growing to be high by summer. It's still a beautiful world, but we sure could use some rain. It's time to stop asking for that soon, but for another week or so? I'll be doing the rain dances and scaring away the wild chickens at the same time, island multi-tasking.

Have a watered up Wednesday. Do something wavery.


  1. I know you are glad to be home and warm. I haven't been warm since we flew out of SJU (it was 30 walking up the jetway at RDU). This is the wettest,coldest, cloudiest spring I can remember. Probably the greenest, too. Wonderful photos of your trip.

    1. Very glad to be home, as always (good to go, great to come back). We are finally getting a wee bit of rain this afternoon, wish it would last a few days, but every drop is wonderful!

      Glad you liked the photos. Stay warm!