Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!

While I don't write well in orgasmic prose, I can tell you that the long rains last night brought close to the same feeling; excitement, with a lovely comfort and joy that led me right back to sleep. Right now, I'm looking, along with the cat, out the window as a light rain falls in blaring morning sunshine. Usually the louvers would be closed but I'd rather be somewhat blinded by the sun than miss this water falling from the sky.

Literally overnight, the grasses have started coming back.

They were, in southern vernacular, a'fixin' to burst!

This little guy has nothing to do with rain, he just showed up on my walk by the water

It could end up being a hot and steamy day but we'll continue to hope for more rain blessing

There must have been some secret rain at one end of the island because when I left, these plants were dead looking (not the frangipani, which is brave and strong and while it looks so delicate, blooms in desert heat regardless).

Another flower in our Culebra garden turned 72 yesterday. I didn't do 52 as well as she does this age, and can't aspire to what DNA and good genes gave her, but I can aspire to her spirit and life attitude. In this photo she was asking, What will I do next? Not in the way it might sound, but with excitement and curiousity as to what might fill the next couple of decades she plans to be on the planet? Answering a Kathy question is pretty silly but we had fun with it anyway. Love you, Kathy! Happy birthday!

Have a triumphant temporal Thursday. Do something therapeutic.

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