Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It Ain't Over, Darlin'

I really, really tried to not post these photos today but with so many clamoring like popcorn shrimp in my ears, I have given in and am giving up. Giving up my memories, that is.

This is my favorite photo of me and Elijah. Not because it is a particularly good photo and I'm not even sure what we were talking about. But I know we were happy and enjoying being together and it feels like that. To me at least. It must be because I switched to tea at that moment. No worries, that didn't happen again!

Despite the fact that most of the week was cloudy and/or foggy (and now flooded and really stupid cold for May), there was no doubt Spring was exploding in every nook, field and cranny. Wild iris, rhododendron, fruit tree blossoms, green of greenest green grass and leaf shoots from trees ran constant rampant color in front of our eyes.

These photos are in no particular order (as you will see). But now that you are more familiar with the territory, come for the ride.

Even the rocks bloom in North Carolina
 Road sights:

I wanted to follow this truck but...we didn't

A really interesting stern design on this twin hulled boat

The medians blazing

I could easily go around the country taking photos of barns and making a book, but I think it's been done. A few times. So I'll just share some of my barn photos here.

This is the whiskey barrel chair I mentioned before. It has a spring/swivel on the bottom and was really comfortable to sit in, which it doesn't look like it would be. A cushion on the bottom for bonier butts than mine and it would be perfect. Plus, it smells really good.

This is another one of Jimmy's finds...another old man who cuts these cedar slabs and sells them. This one is going to be a headboard.

How the view looked the first day once the fog started to lift.

Project!! All the cans are held together with a heavy gauge but soft wire that is just given a twist at the end. Super simple and silly fun.

In Boone there is this store that literally circles this crazy rock climbing wall. No, I didn't climb it.

There were a lot of barns I missed, being the passenger. One day, I need to make a road trip and do it right. In the meantime, drive by shots will have to do. Drive by shots through the window, because I was too cold to have it down.

Where Christmas trees are born

These next two shots are for my old car buff friends

I took way too many photos of these birds. Elijah got the first good shots and we went from there. They are so enchanted and enchanting, I don't bother trying to resist. Well, not for long anyway.

I'm not sure if this is just a female ruby redthroat or what they call a greenback up here.

Albino pine cones. You saw them here first.

Hidden cabin that I lust after

A better shot of those wild onions.

Wild iris

The road warriors. At 6'2, Elijah gets the front seat

I think I'm done with the trip now, at least here in plain sight of Big Brother and everyone. In the present here home, we've got clouds but no rain, even while there are flood advisories on the big island. The air isn't steamy and I haven't broken a sweat since I touched ground, a statement that will be untrue by evening, I'm sure.

When I  go from this

to this
to this
to this...I know I am home
The cat is curled up beside me, not allowing me far out of her sight; luckily she's let me off the hook easy this time and hasn't nailed me just for the because of it. Yet.

Have a tremendously thankful to take time Tuesday. Do something trembling.

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