Monday, May 13, 2013

Post Mother's Day

Dear Diary, 

Had no idea yesterday would include quite a few of my favorite things, beach beach and beach. Friends, good food, beach. More beach. Life is good, what a nice day and evening, not a kid in sight. 

Flamenco was beautiful early in the morning. The only person we came across was a friend. The water was soft, a tiny bit brisk, we didn't even try to name the colors, instead just marveling in the stretched out pristine beauty, grown up women in little kid souls, I could see a parade of my selves through the years, other beaches, a pail in one hand, a dribble of sand in the other. Castles in the air.

(and by the way NO WINDMILLS will mar this view; it's official!! Bless all the worker bees who never stopped fighting to keep this from happening and actually succeeded. Drink from that cup of victory! There will, of course, be other battles, but let's savor this one won for the now).

Oh Diary!! I got a very cool gift yesterday! Remember the Luminaid I wrote about awhile back? Well, it was remembered by a reader and new friend and I got my very own yesterday. I'll try it tonight, last night was lit up plenty on its own. 

Then, I switched beaches and switched people I was time and space sharing with. The first thing I saw was this little video of the storm the other night as seen over St. Thomas from Zoni beach. It was so good Doug agreed to share it so I could share it with you.

credit: Doug Brown

Every couple of years or so, Diary, you know that Doug comes to town with the Guy Crew, or should I be more formal; the Krewe of the Lusty Mallard, in various forms with various members. This year they brought me the tee-shirt as an honorary inductee. How can I resist a Krewe who have the slogan 'Growing Old Disgracefully'? Obviously, I cannot, Diary,  you  know that. You know everything. Which scares me a little bit. I hope that self-destruct button is not all gummed up.

I got voluntarily kidnapped and had fun with the boys. It is always like being let into the tree fort clubhouse, well treated, welcomed , taken care of from laughter to drinks to delicious dinners, steaks this time, perfectly grilled. What could be better on Mother's Day if you can't be with the ones you mothered? Pretty much nothing. Good lads, they are, Diary, i'm so lucky!

The start of a lovely day and evening of indulgence

Woohoo howdy! Three outta four here. It ain't New Mexico or St. Louis!

St. Thomas and other islands were thiiiiiiiiiis close

Thanks, Doug! 

I stayed long enough to see that the lighthouse really is lit up at night now. Impressive. It could have been lit for a long, long time but somehow I didn't get the memo until yesterday and got to see it the same evening. Fun!

Well, Diary, it was another great day here in Paradox, where surprises never cease and the horizon never ends. I'll let you know what happens next, as always, old friend. Love, MJ

Have a merry Monday! Do something musical. 

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