Monday, August 12, 2013

A Culebra Afternoon Stroll

After helping a friend bathe a couple of dogs heading off island today to their new forever homes (there are still two more beauties who need a home, by the way!), and with the heat of the day fading, my clothes soaking wet, a walk seemed in order. The road was quiet on a late Sunday afternoon, dust washed down from an earlier rain; strolling was a fine pace.

A breath of breeze blew

My favorite style of local boat - a yola

I think this rooster was the most wide awake creature around

Unless it was the pilot of this plane (does that mountain in back look really close? it is)

I know there's a story here somewhere...I've made up mine.

At first glance these geese looked like yard ornaments. I'm glad they weren't.

Have a memorable Monday. Do something manifesting.

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