Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Day for a Day Dream

I love a day when one thing that isn't much fun leads to something that is over the gentle top on the 'I had a way good time' chart. Yesterday was that day, when after a few hours working on a security issue on a computer, I headed to Dinghy Dock for breezy air and a ginger lemonade, which might be my new favorite mixer except later on when Natalie pulled out the watermelon mint with a squeeze of lime ade. But I digress. Shocking!

Doug said he was going snorkeling over by Melones Tamarindo Culebrita Punto Soldada someplace wet and I invited myself along, a loose planny plan to meet back at DD in an hour or so. I came back. He came back. The dinghy chariot awaited and we were away.

It has been hot here, very hot. Hot, and dusty too, a combo that makes your skin feel like it has a slick invisible mud...well, you get the idea. So being on the water, knowing I'd shortly be in the water - think ahhhhhh.

I saw two fish I'd never seen before. The water was delicious and difficult to leave, de-entering felt like what a kid leaving Disney World must feel, except I know how to hold on to happiness better than a child who lives so much more in the moment. All these hours later, with my skin slightly tingling from its added dose of sunshine, I can still feel the wonder and watch the movie short any time in my head (until I go again and make a new one).  Underwater camera, yes, it's on the list.

Have a worth your while Wednesday. Do something waggish.


  1. Makes me want to go snorkeling.

    dowice 4

  2. You sure know how to make one yearn. Debbie left her favorite hat hanging in that tree beside the picnic table. She's not home yet, but my guess is she will tear-up when she sees that photo. ;-)

  3. Happy tears are good tears. You should have left me know about the hat! unless it was a zen sorta leaving it thing.