Friday, August 30, 2013

Free For All Friday ~ Culebra

If you've ever had a garage/yard sale, you know how, at the end, you just say, ok, I'm done, everything is going! That's sort of what is happening here. Tomorrow I leave for a month in Michigan and there has been some tidying up to do, here there and everywhere (if that signaled a song in your head, it's a good one!). So instead of food, I'm serving up a photographic mish mash of the last couple of days before I head to a colder country. And with sweat pouring down my cheeks, I'm looking forward to just that! As forward as I'll look to coming home. Because home is where my heart is, and my heart belongs to Culebra.

Thanks, Universe! The skies have been so beautiful lately.

Of course you have an opinion!

The police have been making a big presence around here lately. I, for one, say Welcome!

Must feed fish scraps to tarpon! "This is my favorite part of my job," says Michelle.

Cat wins. This time.

I went to Melones to watch the sunset when suddenly 'Hey BAAABY!' rang out. Brad was visiting from St. John and had a crew with him, Brad hugs are like free ice cream in your favorite flavor; it's always good to see such a smiling face (and you too, Leslie!). I left the not so young kids to party on. I had a Scrabble game to play (and got skunked, there WILL be more games!)

Guinea hens in the brush. Not so clear but they move fast!

Weather incoming. Do you see what I see?

Bird on a wire. A crazy bunch of wires actually.

A swim is in order before heading north. We went to Tamarindo, all gussied up due to the hard work of many adults and children. Thank you. I felt under dressed.

We didn't resist a need to Culebracize it.

Capt. Pat. Just because.

And the sun goes down on Culebra town.

Next will be pie in the sky photos and a small town up by big lakes. Or not so small, it's going to be all new to me, except for the welcoming sight of Linda, Mackey and the cats. Am I too old to start a band called Mackey and the Cats? Will someone do that, por favor?

There is going to be a regatta here this weekend, try to get to it if you can. Boris the Russian, Palito from Fajardo and others will be sailing to win. I expect photos!!

Have a frolicking Friday night (and a SAFE Labor Day weekend!). Do something free for all.


  1. I have been working out of town this week so haven't been able to post any comments, my phone won't let me for whatever reason. Out of town wasn't so bad because I was working close to my houseboat (my tiny house) and stayed there instead of a dreary motel. Tiny House Tuesday was so inspiring and very cool. What a Wonderful World was wonderful wonderful. I shared the video with many. Have a great time in the UP, haven't been there but read about it through author Jim Harrison, who you would love. We leave for Seattle in 3 days! Oh, yes I see what you see. ;-)

  2. It's not the UP but I'm having a great time already! Enjoy Seattle, I know you will. And I'm glad you got to stay on your houseboat, photos, por favor! I'm glad you enjoyed my shared days, thanks as ever.