Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tiny Home Tuesday

Tiny homes, what many of an older generation would simply know as small homes (or even more simply, home), back in the days when the size of dwelling you chose was one afforded by your income and/or your abilities, ambition and resources, come in every size and shape imaginable. Some stretch the boundaries of most imaginations. They are up in trees, under the ground, on the water and, mostly, conventionally, sitting squarely (or roundly) on the ground.

Today's home is a houseboat I saw while wandering the depths of Craigslist, a link you can follow to find out all sorts of detaily details. Why did I like it enough to choose it over many contenders? Something fit right in my head would be the technical reason. Or maybe it is because it is docked in St. Croix. Ok, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, but close enough.

What's not to like? Ok, a few details but overall? Oh yes.
Watery, cabiny both. That works for me.

And ship shape too!

I might find a better place or way for the fridge to live. I'd trade out for a smaller, under counter fridge and use that space for a shower instead.

A loft! It has a loft!

I really don't like wide angle lens photos as the perspective gets way too skewed, but at least it seems one could sit up in this bed without knocking one's head off. I think. Because to wake up in a chosen watery place of dreams, sitting up to greet the day would be a must without an immediately ensuing string of curses and streaming eyes.
In my dream, that wheel is in my hands and the waterways invitingly call my name. Answering that whispering shout with a wee cozy home surrounding me when time comes to be still, different surroundings at a beck and a call and a turn of a key? Dream a little dream of she.