Friday, August 23, 2013

Free Range Friday ~ Over the Water and Through the Waves

Taking a trip to Fajardo to take care of business, and sometimes just shopping for a necessary item, is akin to standing at the entrance to a fun house you've never been inside of; the potential for surprises is endless. Will the place you are going really be open? Will the person you need to see actually be there? Will the one item that will make your life work more smoothly be anywhere you can, without too many side trips, find it?

We've all had the negative side of that experience, so when the positive slides right into your day, allowing you to accomplish exactly what you were hoping for, with a minimum of fuss, the day, no matter the weather, turns into a shining one. Even if it means you have gotten things taken care of so quickly that you have six hours to while away because that is when the next ferry arrives to take you home. But the high of success goes a long way. So does running into someone whom you haven't had a chance to say more than a fleeting hello over months and months. Catching up moves time along and time passers are good in a place where waiting with calm patience is an art form.

The no longer full but still quite round moon was still making an appearance.

El Yunque looked like it was covered with snow. Surprise! It wasn't.
This old wreck never fails to get my attention. You've seen it here before and you will again.

I wish I'd gotten a shot of the front of this police car. Those lights (flashing blue and green) underneath were carnival impressive, the ones on the dash and headlights made it complete. A toy police vehicle, full size.
I also didn't take any photos when, leaving the ferry on the Fajardo side, I saw a guy with an assault rifle in full camo waiting at the bottom of the walkway. Or of the line of cops that I almost walked right through, oblivious, until a woman pulled me back and pointed out the row of bags on the ground. I put mine there, awaiting the sniffing dog with little black boots on (tiny motorcycle looking boots). He was doing a dance not unlike a 5 year old who needs a bathroom, hopping up and down. Maybe he was ready to sniff or maybe those booties were uncomfortable. Whatever the case, it was not photo taking time. No drama, we picked up our dog nose released bags and moved along. It's good to be legal.

Home again, back to my peaceful yard. I did a happy dance while Spike had his bath.
For the food portion of Free Range Friday, I'm pleased to serve a celestial meal. No calories and it will fill you up. Thanks, Pam S. for bringing it to our attention!

Noctilucent Clouds and Aurora.Maciej Winiarczyk

Have a flying Friday. Do something festive.


  1. I would swim out and climb aboard that wreck.

    illsmin 1639

    1. I'm sure someone or more than one has done just that, but I've never heard about it.

  2. I love time-lapse photography, much better than video. Although, video has it's place.

    1. I love them both, if the subject is right.