Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Out Loud Magic

Maybe you're sitting on your most comfy chair, curled up with something good to drink and something tantalizing (even toast can be tantalizing) to nibble on, or semi-prone in your bed, or sitting straight backed in a chair at, not that, of course, but if you are... 

Where ever you are, I hope this gives you a smile from the inside out, a smile as big as the one it gives me each time I watch it. And YOU? You know, you, the one who for some reason really needed to see this, where ever you are? Yes, it's for you. And Ana G? Thanks for the reminder.

Have a whoa!wait!wow!wheeeeee! Wednesday! Do something whimsically wacky.


  1. Thank you so much for this! My favorite Dr Seuss book. I've read it to my children, nieces and nephews. And at Burning Man! Where I've wanted to go for years! Maybe this will be my inspiration to go. I've watched this twice today, I think I'll make thrice. ;-)

    1. Thrice is nice! I'm on about fife, with long spaces in between. Glad you enjoyed it. I've read a lot about Burning Man and it seems like one of those things that 'wish I'd have done it in the beginning' but no doubt still fun.

  2. Yes, after visiting Burning Man website again, it probably won't happen in this lifetime. I lived in the Mojave in my younger days and the desert is brutal, but I loved it. People complain about high humidity, but when the humidity is 17% and your skin cracks and your hair breaks off...oh my. But there is beauty there too. Life is too short, or is it?

  3. I don't think it is too short, I think it is short, and we'll make of it what we will if we appreciate what truly matters. And that's the part that defines us, eventually, yes?