Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hi, My Name is Iggy. I'm a Berryholic.

A woman who lives on a boat she reaches by going down a side path in my yard to the dock emitted a little scream while I was there feeding critters yesterday. Semi-laughter followed as she emerged from the tree covered path. She told me she was slightly freaked because of the iguanas who were crashing around overhead, then  falling out of the trees to the path below. She was afraid she was going to be hit. They are pretty solid, I can understand that...kind of. But basically I was thinking - hmmm. Okay.

I've seen and heard iguanas fall before, tree limbs too slender to hold their weight, but it doesn't happen on a regular basis, not really. Then, looking up in another part of the yard, where iguana crashing was happening, it was all clear. Drunk berries are thick on the trees right now, those beautiful iridescent pearls that turn disgusting after they drop. I've seen chickens drunk, sea gulls drunk and now I was watching an iguana looking like he'd be heading to detox sooner than later. A hawk screamed loudly overhead; Iggy paid no mind. Driven by his demons, nothing would stand in the way of getting More Berries!

Wait! There's more thataway!

It was almost embarrassing to watch. I did anyway.

I didn't stick around long enough to watch him fall off his barstool branch; those are personal moments and I was afraid I'd not be able to keep from laughing. More.

Have a turnaround Tuesday. Do something telling.


  1. Those are great pix. Did you see this? Fantastic video http://vimeo.com/boombaye/conjure

  2. Thanks on the pics and yes! But I watched it again...hooray for more of the beautiful parts of Culebra!