Saturday, August 17, 2013

Going Backward Is Okay

What most caught my interest yesterday happened at the end of the outside evening for me, around, well, 7:24 to be exact.

Because I didn't have Celestial Chuck standing next to me I looked up what planet this might be, it seemed too bright for a star. It was Venus, in blue jeans. The other thing I found out about in my sky search is the Summer Triangle, which would be a great name for a band, by the way. It's a yearly alignment of stars in a pattern even someone like me can figure out. You can too. Read all about it here. This is a great time for sky watching, the nights aren't sweltering, it's still pleasant out (I hope it is where you are anyway) and what better than to watch the universe dance right in front of your eyes?

Before I saw that, I saw, at the instigation of 'You have to go see this mask Ani made, it's incredible!' the mask Ani made. And it is incredible. It also happens to smell luscious, if you like the smell of elk and deer and antelope leather. I do. 

If you want to see or purchase this mask, hurry up, its two companions sold fast and I missed seeing them. Arte Fango is the place. Right above Dinghy Dock and next door to Taz and Ann's new shop full of dive and pirate goodies. Thanks, Ani!

Before I was sniffing a mask while ahhing with Ani, I was downstairs at Dinghy Dock talking, drinking and listening to music with friends. Mariel made it back to town and I may be wrong* but she seems pretty happy to be back. She also brought along a couple of friends, goody for us!

A Greg timeline backwardly (which seems pretty appropriate, actually).

I know, I shouldn't talk about my psycho landlord that way.
A pretty strong case of the usual suspects

Before music, we saw Tuck out in his dinghy, not going anywhere. With a bit of encouragement to move up the rescue run a bit faster, John headed out and brought him in.

Half of the time, Tuck was still trying to get his most likely water in the gas laden engine going.

Ah well, just enjoy the ride
Before that, I was up on a hill, working drinking pina coladas. There was a stunning white out, but it didn't translate to digital bits as I would have liked. So instead you get this post-whiteout smashing rain view.

Ok, this one too. 

Which brings me back to yesterday morning, bidding Francie adieu as she heads out for a couple months worth of adventures.

Be Here Now.

Have a stay in sight of Saturday Saturday. Do something smoothly.

*it happens