Thursday, April 23, 2015

An Earth Day Beach Romance. Sort Of.

I didn't feel the least bit voyeuristic watching these two on the beach yesterday, he strutting and preening, she giving full definition to the word coy. While we talked and drank out in the finally warming up water, an Earth Day tradition with too many participants elsewhere, the chickens kept up their own timeless rituals. 

Hey! Hey you, the cutest chick on the beach!
Cockle doodle Do, baby!
100% pure Rooster
I was lookin' back to see if she was lookin' back
Uh huh, I'm cool. I am. Oh yeah. Where'd she go?

When we were heading to the beach, a man was crossing the street with his very small daughter walking beside him. She threw down whatever she was holding and the father just indicated she should leave it on the ground and move on. Was it because he thought I'd run over them if they stopped for the moment it would take to pick it up and put it in a trash can? Was it because it didn't matter? It was an awkward spot to stop and say something to him before they went inside but if we could have, we would have. If Mom and/or Dad won't teach their children well, the rest of us need to gently step up to that plate. Yes we should. Not like a rooster though.

Have a tactful Thursday. Do something tonic-like.

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