Monday, April 27, 2015

Back in Time Now

On a walk the other day I was looking, again, at the wonderful old fence posts along the way. Gravity and time are taking their toll but for now, there is still the past in the present to be seen. I don't know what the wood is that was used for these posts (but someone does, I bet; let me know if you do). They speak the past of Culebra better than all of the words I could generate and I'm glad they are still there, even if the cattle are gone. I miss them.

On St. Croix a Crucian man told me they used a wood for posts locally called iron wood, a type of mahogany that is, obviously, considered strong as iron in that it seems to not rot and termites don't like it. Yet another wood that is literally scarce on the ground these days. 

When I take this walk, it usually ends up with that wonderful curving part of the road where rocks and water meet, but this time that didn't happen. Hearing the deep bass barking of dogs behind this sign, I figured, if they were loose and not happy with me, my camera was not going to be much of a defense (no pun intended), so turning around and heading back seemed like the best option. Hopefully, I can meet the dog owner here and find out if safe passage is assured for the next time.

Remember Jane's dog, Hound Dog? Here's an update from David for all of those who did so much to see him safely to his new home. It looks to be filled with love, traveling both ways.

"A pawdicure"
A bath
And a blow dry
Lucky dog! The work that is done to help dogs and cats find homes continues here, every day of every week of every month of every year. Friends of Culebra Animals (formally Animal Welfare of Culebra) can always use your help in whatever capacity you can give. 

Have a meet the memories Monday. Do something mossy.


  1. You are the only one I know who can make barbed wire look like a great picture.

    1. Truly appreciate that! Some things are easy to shoot because they look like just what they appear to be. Barbed wire, not as easy to show what I see, so thanks!

  2. I agree, the barbed wire looks like artwork. as always, great photos.