Monday, April 6, 2015

Que? I've Got Moon in My Ears, I Can't Hear You

Over the last few days of Spring Beauty, there has been a change, literally, in the weather. Spring is usually only a breath here, drawn in and out on heating up air currents as Summer (that season that lasts through Fall) comes closer. 

Living in a place where we are as likely to be outside as inside much of the year, weather is not a casual conversation filler; these current cool nights filled with moon really are the conversation. The wonder of still needing something to cover up, the beauty of the moon from whatever your vantage point, the crashing deluge that sends one flying to close windows or hatches - all are equally valid as centering the days and nights. And when the moon is full? All hands on deck. Your hands.

I was waiting in the car when I saw this boy in the side view mirror. He was having such a free joy time, reminding me of many a mud puddle I'd splashed in, dug in, made pies from (presenting them proudly to my father who, of course, pretended to eat them). I took all of the photos in the mirror and then cropped out the mirror - better than taking a chance of stopping his fun, even if making for a less than clear photo. Better.

The moon has been incredible the last few days and nights. Even if we didn't get the total eclipse, she still has been putting on quite the show.

Some crazy beautiful sky and clouds. 

Cloud shadow

No, Skittles, I'm not taking you surfing today

We have been getting outbursts of rain and rainbows. 

Dakity - Semana Santa raft ups

Faster than the moon but not really

Last night's mesmerizing lure
Sometimes Culebra is about the moon, sometimes the sea, sometimes the wind or sun. To not be locked up away from the sea and sky, to hear the rhythms of the Earth and to have most of the people I know around here be in the same appreciation and awareness zone - priceless. No matter where you are, you can look at the moon, even if she is just a glimpse between buildings in her passage overhead. Don't break your neck, but do try to catch her, she is 1000% RDA approved.

Have a moonlit Monday. Do something multiplied.


  1. I love this post, the moon pics are lovely :)

    1. Did I really just say love AND lovely?! let me try again...
      I love this post, your moon pics are mesmerizing :)

    2. Your word awareness - I'm impressed, but yeah, it's easy to love the lovely.