Thursday, April 9, 2015

Life is Beautiful, Don't Forget

Spending the last few mornings at different beaches (looking for water that won't leave my fingertips numb) has been an excellent way to start the days. The colors, the freshness, the warm shower afterward - it is like getting a massage and a mini mind retreat in two hours, refreshing and mellowing all at the same time. 

Melones offering

The first turtle egg pen I've seen this season. Hooray!

Sunshine on my shoulders (ear worm time)

This lobster trap - I don't know its story but what looked like old weathered wood was really very barnacled plastic. Still cool looking though.

How to make a privacy fence, island style

The moon was still up

Nature's towel rack

Since she was wearing a coat, the water temps didn't matter
On getting back to the house, an island style slip and slide was being set up. A hill, a tarp, water, soap and boys. Mix together and slide!

That works!

Have a throwback Thursday. Do something tensionless.

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  1. I built new trellis with a more hardy nylon string. This pumpkin (?) grew near the Compost Bin, so, I just re-directed it to climb the nylon string fence gate