Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Culebra and Beyond

We have a saying here, totally not in relation to homes, 'the odds are good, but the goods are odd'. Thinking about the houseboat, it came to mind as Phase 2 ends and Phase 3 is on the drawing board. Phase 1 was the initial gutting and new windows. The following photos show where Phase 2 ended, with Elijah working on it until dark the night before he headed back to California.

The couch/bed is a temporary thing and will be replaced with either a built in that will convert into a queen (benches on both sides with opening pieces that will connect in the middle) or a futon. But for now, it's a fun perch to look out the windows. 

The floor will be painted with deck/floor paint, eventually to be finished in bamboo. 

The head. Lots of work to do in there, the biggest being to put in a shower pan and install shower plumbing. 

For now, from rotting, torn up and unbalanced to functional, sound and painted up, I'm a happy, very happy houseboat person 

The next big work will be grinding down and fiberglassing the decks and reinforcing the giant hatch cover on the stern. Soon come!

If you are into the tiny house movement, you've probably heard of Deek Diedricksen from Relaxshacks.com. Innovative, funny and full of off the wall ideas and execution of same, his latest offering is what he calls the Glass House. Unless you live in year round warm places, it is only set up for warm weather seasons right now, but shows what you can do with imagination and access to a lot of recycled bits and pieces.

The Glass House was built in just four days, at a cost (sans labor of Deek and his crew) of about $10,000. How fun is this??

All photos courtesy of Deek Diedricksen.

The see through floor is over the stream flowing under the house. Nice touch, Deek!
For me, the point of this home, beside the fact that it is really cool, just shows that building a home can break rules of what a place 'should' be like. As I read the comments on the original article, among the many enchanted there were also people saying things like 'not for me'. Exactly! Then build something that IS for you. 

In the houseboat, literally cutting the galley in two halves and repositioning it to be on both sides of the boat transformed what was, to me, an irritating space that never felt right to a workable space that feels (and is) balanced, with plenty of room to work. The interior looks bigger, even though what was there before was a long bench facing the long galley, with a fairly useless hanging locker at the end of it. 

Was it a little scary to say, yes, cut it in half! without knowing how it would turn out and feel? Sure it was, but my gut said do it and I'm so glad we did. 

Remember this?
Have ideas to change things in your world? Turn your shed out back into a tiny home? Resize, downsize, free up time and money to have more time to play/work/discover? You really can. Because my income prevents getting everything done at once, should I be discouraged and just go the route of finding someplace I don't really want to live because the work is already done? No. Home is home, whether it is a shack or a floating home or a tiny home on wheels and I want to look at 'going home' as something that makes me grin each time I think about it. Some dreams take time to make reality and the fear factor is often a good sign to just jump in. Does a body (and soul) good.

Have a teach and tame your temptations Tuesday. Do something treasurable.


  1. Your house is looking so good! And I love the window house, including the window in the floor :)

    1. I'm still in the amazed zone! Maybe I should put a window in the bottom of the...no. No!

  2. Wonderfu[ house boat, wonderful glass house, home is where your heart is!