Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth and Surf Day 2015

I know that surf is part of the Earth but I just couldn't help myself. No surfers either. Sorry!

“Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.”
Edward Abbey
Today is a celebration and a reminder, like Earth Hour, of actions we can all take to repair and prevent and clean up damage done to our home in the Universe. It would be lovely if, and some places really are like this, we could just celebrate the beauty of Earth and ongoing efforts to keep her that way. This list of the 10 most pristine places on Earth notes a wide variety of places, some inhabited and some not. For the 12 cleanest cities in the world, check this out. If you live in or close to one of them, pats on the back to you and your (and your government's) stewardship!!

These photos are some of my Earth. It could be a lot cleaner around here, though over the years people have gotten better about putting trash where it belongs. What happens more these days is scraping the earth raw, legally or illegally, with no consideration of runoff, erosion or saving valuable soil - we don't have much of it - shifting into the bay where it affects everything from turtle grass to corals to fish to turtles. Some days, it seems perfectly crazy here and some days I'm really surprised at how good things look. Each human only gets to be on this earth a few seconds, in the Big Timeline. Don't be part of leaving a Trail of Tears behind yourself.

We don't see much big driftwood around here.

Coral world

You can snorkel in a few inches of water behind this reef and see the Magic Kingdom

These rocks and corals wearing new life. Try not to step on them!
Yes, I was maybe a little overenthusiastic about water yesterday. Ok, that's not true. Maybe I overshared. I cannot be overenthusiastic about water. Ever.

Artsy moment. But it really happened without planning so in it goes.

There was a family with friends sitting on the ground, cutting open coconuts, drinking the milk and eating the meat. Without a machete. They were there for a long time, working and eating and grinning. I was jealous, especially when they tossed one to some chickens. Lucky chickens.

One more. I liked how it looks like the water is spilling out of a circle. It was.

A glance the other way. Vieques.
Up on this hill, where I've housesat on and off for almost two years, there used to be no trash pick up. But after seeing the trash trucks come up here and turn around and then talking with a few people, I went to the municipality depot (yellow house/building - with all the machines around it - on the right before you get to Abbie's school) to investigate possibilities.

I asked one of the men if this  information was true and if so, could I get a trash can (and this is - one more reason - why it's hard to learn Spanish; when I try to do so, someone is kind, and/or doesn't want their ears tortured, finding someone who speaks English or enough that with my bad Spanish we can communicate). The woman I spoke with said:

They were out of barrels at the time but said they could bring one when one came along. Only two days later, one came along in the truck! And it was brought here! They also took the old broken stove and fridge, saving a trip to the dump, when and if I could find someone to help do that. Happy dance time! 

Pick up isn't every day up here like in other parts of the island, but that's fine; it definitely beats carrying it down the hill to some unsuspecting trash can. I love our trash guys. 
I believe they also come in black. Decorated by owner discretion.
I wish we had trash cans all along the route from town to Susie's restaurant, a stretch where trash is flung willy nilly. I pick up plastic but I usually leave drink cans unless I'm on my way home. Spilling really nasty old beer on yourself while trying to do a good deed? I think my instant reaction sort of negates the good deed part. Bad beer can Karma blow back.

Do something fun for Earth Day! Plant something, build something, unbuild something. Play in a park. Create a park! Hug your neighbor (ok, I'm getting out of control now).

Have a widespread WednesEarthDay. Do something for the world's welfare. Even if it is just in your backyard.

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  1. Question of language etiquette - if someone speaks to me in broken English and assuming I speak their language, e.g., Spanish, should I reply in Spanish to make communication easier and to put them at ease but which they might take as a criticism of their English? Or should I respond in English?