Friday, April 10, 2015

Free Range Friday ~ Random Acts of Fineness

Nat'l Coalition for the Homeless
Food plays a part here but in the form of nourishing body and soul  rather than cooking one particular dish, in a way that goes far beyond the satisfaction of serving and sharing a well prepared meal. 

When I read about Mark and Ismini Svensson, who, instead of a big wedding reception decided to travel the 50 states of the US doing random acts of kindness (inspired by her father's sudden death while at a charity event), all I could think about is how many ways we can feed one another, be it with food or small kindnesses or pitching in with physical labor to further along a good cause. If someone is hungry, of course, a kind word or act can only go so far, but if it is what you have to offer, it is what you have to offer. Offer it.

While the number of cities in the US banning public feeding of homeless, hungry people grows (the number is significantly higher since the linked article was written), there are plenty of people continuing the work of sharing food with those who need it. What a crazy paradox for the 'richest nation in the world' to be actively and legally trying to keep poor people hungry.

Of course, not everyone can go to all 50 states (or countries or whatever your part of the world calls the smaller sections of your country), but we can turn our eyes to our own and our surrounding neighborhoods to see what opportunities exist to give someone a reason to smile. Even if it is just giving your own smile first; it's that simple.

When the Svensson's 2 year country covering trip of random acts of kindness was over, they started a non-profit to keep the giving going, Stay United, a site full of good ideas and actions that can be replicated anywhere or just be a catapult for your own random acts to make your world a better place. 

To those who have been in need and been given to, one person's random act can be a life changer. Make it a good act. Along with the Stay United site, here are some more kickstart ideas. 

Have a feed the faceless Friday. Do something fearlessly.

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