Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Yesterday was a 'get things done on the big island' day and I actually did do just that. But the first thing I did after getting on the ferry was check out the upclose view of Hector the Protector.

The more I look at Hector, the more I like him. There is something about him in his setting of rocks and water at the edge of the island, facing those incoming from afar that has a silently loud and powerful voice. Maybe we need his brother on the honda side.

If you want to learn more about how Hector came into being, there is a brief video from the artist, Thomas Dambo, here.


Every once in awhile I run across a tiny or small house that just sticks in my head and won't, despite effort, go away. This is one of them. I found it in an article from Houzz on nominees for (in my opinion, the unfortunately named) 'She Sheds Hall of Fame'. 'She sheds' is just damned embarrassing in my opinion. Regardless, I really like this example, 

I haven't used Houzz's courtesy embedding tool before, so I hope it works. And thanks, Houzz!

I like this place because all of the components, for me, work together in a way they shouldn't. That stove! That bed! In an 8 by 14 foot space? Crazy. But it feels good, at least in the photos. The furnishings separately make up a whole, working together for comfort and a big stamp of 'home'. 

Even if its a 'she shed' getaway instead. Oh, who coined that? Make it stop!

Have a waggish Wednesday. Do something wee.

and p.s. Because I can't wait until next week to share this! The coolest small home in Paris, in an unexpected place. Check it out here!


  1. Check this small space out:

  2. Hector is quite a star isn't he? An extraordinary sculpture!