Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fast Forwarding Friday

Because my son will be leaving tomorrow after being here four months and I'll probably be mewling like a mama cat during the morning hours, I'm going with Free Range Friday today.

With the grill having a full propane tank I thought that would be the way to go with dinner. But I forgot to take prep photos (I would have forgotten to take these photos without Elijah reminding me), so I'll just describe the pretty simple processes.

Ok, really, how much is there to describe here? Prep steaks by bringing them to room temp, season with pepper and garlic. Easy. 

I did do a little bit more with the corn, making a rough herb butter with cilantro, minced scallions, crushed garlic and salt and pepper. Put that into some very soft butter to mix it well and rub it on the ears of corn - messy but fun. Wrap them all in tin foil. They could be wrapped individually and that was the original plan, but I had only torn off one piece of foil before getting my hands herby buttery, so it became a package instead. If you want them wrapped separately, don't do what I did.

I'd been watching too many cooking shows so thought I'd skewer grill the veggies. For some reason, without a veggie grilling rack, I'm lousy at timing grilled veggies so they came out okay, not excellent. If this is your forte', go for it! I should have just steamed the broc, made a salad and called it just fine. If you do kabob style, don't forget to soak the skewers. I actually remembered to do this. 

The shrimp were just laid on the grill for about seven to ten minutes, long enough to turn pink. They were perfect. Everything was perfect except for the veggies. Damn those cooking shows!

First the corn (that was on close to an hour), then the veggies. Then the steaks because we like beef in the flip flop moo mode, as my Dad used to call it. Long enough on a side for the fat to get a bit crispy and wa la, steaks are done. While taking care of everything else, they can rest and get even better. 

Lay on the shrimp, set the table and then, it's dinner! I forgot I don't have horseradish up here so I couldn't make any cocktail sauce for the shrimp. Which is why butter was invented. 

I'll miss having my son around; it's been long enough that him being here feels like part of expected daily life. I know he'll be back; he's got Culebra sand in his soul now and most of you know how that goes. 

See you in California, kiddo!

Have a trip to tomorrow Thursday. Do something time travelish.

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