Monday, October 13, 2008

Ah, the fun of blogging

I write a bit about the weather on a couple of forums and at the moment, our weather has exploded, making the weather maps look like somebody blew the lid off the blender. See that gimungus blob? And that little tiny island? That little tiny island is Puerto Rico. Culebra is a teeny weeny island off PR, 3 x 7 miles. And that blob is coming toward us. Get the idea?

Unusual weather, but not unheard of for this time of year, I am trying to not get confused (we have Tropical Depression Nana (not your grandmother's TD anymore) to the right of us, and Tropical Depression 15 to the south of us)...invests turn to tropical depressions, tropical depressions turn to tropical storms and tropical storms turn into hurricanes. Of course, any of those steps can be skipped, reversed or just disappear. Sort of like stages of human life, but let's not go all mav...profoundy here.

I'd rather whine. My feet are freezing! It's 78 degrees here, which is ridiculous for this time of year. Even the Cat Who Isn't Mine is cold...and she refuses to sleep on my feet, which ticks me off. I mean, I feed her, shelter her (most of the time), she owes me! She will sit in my lap but I think it's because she's cold and wants me to warm her up.

The electricity has been on and off. So what fun is housesitting in a house with 50 gazillion channels if the television doesn't work? No fun, I'll tell you that. The house gets really small with two dogs and two cats when it's raining like...yeah, like them. And they are scared of lightning and thunder so they all want to be in my lap, and one of them is bigger than me.

One of these cats is just seriously weird. I know, I know, ALL cats are weird, but this one is really weird. He moves like he is on puppet strings, or has a muscular impairment. Three legs move in jerky fashion, but one front leg moves like a Rockette on each step. He eats a lot, but he's skinny (no, he doesn't have worms, he's perfectly healthy, he's just weird). His eyes are the biggest I've ever seen on a cat, and an eerie pale green, like faded jade. And he likes to just...look at me. Frankly, he creeps me out. But I pet him anyway, because he's new to the house and I figure he creeped out everyone who ever met him. Also, in case he's a spooky not-really-a-cat sort of thing, I'm trying to stay on his good side. He must know a bit how I feel though, since he threw up on the bed last night. Twice.

Did I mention my feet are cold?

Well, if we don't get blown off the map, I guess I'll be in a more cheery mood later on...maybe I'll make some soup. Then I'd have to go to the store. That means driving through muddy, rutty, pot holed roads. Never mind. I'll just go hungry...and cold...and hope that cat hasn't thrown up again while I'm here with my cat, who is licking her...oh never mind.

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