Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home again home again

Home. Is there a better word, with so many levels? I'm pretty sure the CWIM knew I wasn't going to bug out on her this time, as she ate, looked at me and walked out on the porch for a snooze in the afternoon sunshine. Perfect.
Cooking dinner on the grill, I noticed one of the orchids has a few barely swollen buds, giving me one of the little things to look forward to. Two friends called, right in a row, not sure if I was home yet, but taking the chance (and the chance that I'd answer the phone...I don't always do that). But both were good ones; one with good news on a long awaited job, and the other with a brilliant suggestion for the houseboat shutters I want to build/get built that I never would have thought of and it's perfecto. Along with the offer to install them...what's better than that? Poor houseboat, I've been away too long. But hopefully tomorrow I'll get some help and the dinghy will re-take its rightful place on my tiny dock and I'll be back in the water!

While reading the news tonight and getting tense, even after such a wonderful afternoon, I was checking email and got this video. I thought how amazing the world is now, in the midst of all the craziness, there are some fantastic things going on. And I can press a few plastic buttons and share them! PFM!!!!!!

This is called Playing for Change. "The song Stand By Me performed by many artists in different countries. From Bill Moyers Journal on PBS. Official web site: http://www.playingforchange.com/ It took Mark Johnson 10 years to make it...and the journey will last the rest of his, and so many others, lives. Check it out.

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