Friday, October 24, 2008

George Clark, we'll miss you

This is my tribute to George Clark, a gentle, lovely man. One of the best ones. The last time I talked to George, I was doing an article on Derek Trucks -old connections from my rock and roll days let me in to check on this kid who was making fire on gee tar - in Orlando. George, Tommy and a few others gathered as a support to Derek (in this funky Orlando dive that I don't remember the name of), who sure as hell didn't need it but we were ready to have a good time and have some serious fun.
George and I, who hadn't seen each other in way more than a decade, caught up fast and soon moved on to his love of fly fishing, a sport I'd always wanted to try. He offered to take me out on his canoe (because the best spots had no motor access) and also to teach me how to wrap flies. All those years later, he was still the same gentle, sweet and generous man I'd met when I was a very silly teenager. And though I was no longer a teenager, and much had changed in my life, George was the same, exuding the same gentle spirit and still ready to teach me more.
He stands as a stalwart in my world view, one who, in the midst of a quite unreal world (the music world of the 70's) stayed his own course, regardless of the upheaval going on around him. I'm just sorry I didn't know he was in Orlando when I was there last month. It would have been just the same...a hug, a quick catch up, and then...let's talk wood working, fishing and music. George. One of a kind and he will be greatly missed by the many who knew him as I knew him, in much more current times. His affect never left me. Let his influence be a guide.

Credit for photos: Michael Buffalo for current photos. Others courtesy of Tommy Talton from some archive photos.

In front of their bus parked in the yard of a typical split level house, 1971, in my neighborhood (the neighborhood was not thrilled, but I was...Woodstock came to me! Timing is everything!)
Second photo: reunion of the band Cowboy in 2007

Photo from the 2007 reunion recording

George backstage at the Fillmore Cowboy concert

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