Monday, October 27, 2008

Headin' home

My housesitting gig ends tomorrow, and as much as I love Kelli and Dale and all of the critters, along with the view from the top of the world I live in, three weeks is plenty! The Cat Who Isn't Mine wonders why I come and go, come and go, and each time I see more I need and want to do *back at the shack*. Dorothy is right, even if she picked Kansas; there's no place like home!
This is from early thirty today, my next to last sunrise from Vietnam hill for the year (and if you aren't a Culebra person, this is the name of this barrio and I don't know why it is called Vietnam - so someone can give that bit of history if they know it).


  1. We were told that Vietnam was so named because when the parcelas were distributed to the recipients, it took the recipients years and years to build what is there now, so for years it looked liked Vietnam - half finished houses next to overgrown lots next to bare lots, etc. Who knows if it is true??

  2. Interesting! I'll ask around and see what else people say. Thanks, Debbie!