Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm tested, says McCain

But what about all those others who were POW's? Are they also ready to be President of the United States? I can't imagine the horror of being an American, with an american upbringing, and then, for years, enduring the horror of being a POW. But does that mean that one is ready for the now present and looming world we are now living in? There are POW survivors who say no. I need to back this up with links, for sure. But.

The amount of information we have at our fingertips is, exponentially, beyond any lifetime expectations of my 94 year old aunt (who still has a hell of a lot to say about politics). Turn off the television!!! Go online and read the facts...crazy concept...ok, back from seque.

Many of us have suffered. Hugely. And probably that is what makes our opinions strong and loud, no matter what side of the American divide one falls in. Does that make us President of the United States material? I think not. It makes us, or should make us, more compassionate. It makes us more willing to give leeway to other points of view. Or...maybe it doesn't. Maybe it hardens us to see the world in a very narrow sort of way that excludes our present realities. That is the sorrow. It's not about huge numbers. Every mother, father, child has dealt with a family members life shaping horror since time began. Oh, I think that's in the Bible...

I don't have an answer. I only know...educate yourself. If you are firmly convinced of your opinion, on one side or the other...go look at the other side. Remember, these are your fellow folk in this country. It doesn't mean you have to change your mind, but it does mean that you might have the opportunity to have a bit more compassion, a bit more information...a bit more light in the dark of one sided opinions, regardless of your stance.

Ok. I don't have compassion for those who remain stymied in ignorance. So, I write letters. I post on forums. I take a stand saying what I believe...for the most part. Let me throw in this. Obama not opposing the bailout seriously pissed me off. This was the will of the majority and, as we are seeing right now, it has not worked. If I lived in the states I'm afraid I'd be raging in the streets and then my children would have to bail me out of jail for being a public nuisance.

Ignorance. A potentially fatal disease that is curable. That's all I know.


  1. Well my friend M.J. we see the political
    side of you come out. Seems like a lot of
    folks have had it. I watched a PBS show
    on the Johnson years, what they did to
    our generation in the loss of lives etc
    while lying and covering up is tantamount
    to treason.
    You know the POW thing is a sensitive one
    for me, because I feel to celebrate a man as a
    hero who clearly was not, cheapens and
    denigrates the service of those who did serve
    and didn't break, even if it was in an
    unconscionable war. And those that did
    break I understand, but they didn't go
    on a whirlwinf press tour of 32 interviews!
    Here's what I posted
    to Wick's Facebook the other day
    Knowledge is everything even if it puts you
    in a lonely place for awhile.

  2. Luckily, I never feel lonely when I believe I'm right! Being wrong can be real lonely.

    Amazing video. The one I posted I thought was pretty much in line with this one...sadly.

    Oh yes, I have a very political facet...if one defines politics as outward positions expressed and acted on from one's inward beliefs. Which I do.

    Obviously, I blow it fairly often, but then, each day is a new one...even on Culebra! Well...most of the time anyway.