Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Over the canal and through the street

Yesterday I got a head's up from the trench digger guy that the trench, to go over the canal, might need to be dug right behind my cart, or in the yard of the house behind the cart. What? I told him, first you all wreck my car, now you're going to wreck my business? He very apologetically said he didn't make the plans, he just had to make them happen. At that point a friend came by and we repaired to Dinghy Dock for a timely drink.

Today as I was heading over the bridge it was obvious a big sewer trench pow wow was going on. The woman who has a house on the side of the bridge right before crossing over (and heading toward Punta Saldada) was there. The manager of Posada La Hamaca was there. The engineer was there. Workers were there. I asked what was going on and was told that the project people had actually bought and paid for the small bit of land on the side of Posada La Hamaca, to put the pipe through on that side. Which is exactly the location I'd mentioned yesterday; the sensible thing to do. No one's yard would be disturbed except at the edges - a guest house on either side with room for the pipe. Posada's manager was fine with the plan. So what was the problem? Something about the bridge being 2 feet lower than it legally should be, so where would the pipe go...when I left they were all hashing it out. Hopefully, it will be on that side of the bridge. Otherwise, if I have to move the cart for a sewer trench to go through there, I'm thinking it might look very good in my yard....

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