Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A good day for Culebra

We had an excellent meeting last night with one of the candidates running for Mayor, Alexis Bermudez. He represents everything I want to see in a candidate for this office - a vision of Culebra staying true to herself and her people. He's against major development, he's an educator, and very much NOT a political animal. A quiet man who has been doing good things for Culebra for a long, long time. He has also surrounded himself with others who don't just talk, they do. They are not in this race for personal gain, care about the North Americans (the purpose of the meeting, as Alexis is not a fluent English speaker, was to present his platform with English translation and have a Q & A to address issues that the North American residents are concerned about, so we could get a grasp on his positions).

It went well, even if a friend of mine said she wanted to strangle me for asking Alexis to express what was already clearly written out in the hand outs we were given. Could have been the drinks earlier, or the wine we had there...(hey, any guy that serves WINE at an island event has got my interest! Didn't sway a vote I'm already sending his way, but it sure was nice. I think Carmen Rosa had something to do with that...clever her!) or maybe I just talk too much! It's been mentioned.

The other wonderful thing is that yesterday they started fixiing the roads!!!! Hooray! I had just turned in my car accident report and was talking to this guy (one of the workers, who kindly translated for me with the engineer) about how bad and dangerous the roads had become, and then I saw, in front of Willy's Jeeps, that they were actually already doing it. Fantastic. Later on a friend of mine was saying that as he was driving he just kept calling out GRACIAS!!! I think we all feel the same. May it continue. I can't express the difference in the start of the day as I drove down to feed the CWIM this morning. Still have to be very careful, but with hope instead of being ticked off. What a great feeling!

We got a beautiful rainbow yesterday afternoon.

A few of us met up at Dinghy Dock before the meeting. I haven't been there in ages, it seems, and while I didn't stay long (I'd been there quite long enough, thank you), it was really nice to be in my favorite bar with good friends. You know, the kind who really appreciate a *wow* rainbow.

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