Monday, October 20, 2008

Omar...we hardly knew ye (thankfully)

While other islands in the Caribbean took some smashing hits from Omar (though none directly as we supposed) we got lucky in the last chance moment when Omar took a turn to the east and left us unscathed. People went to sleep and woke up wondering what was going on...and the answer was a solid nothing except for two brief periods of intense wind.

We lucked out. Again. And now the sky is blue and and the water is beautiful. Only a handful, and I mean that, of tourists are around to enjoy it. So while they don't have much choice in dining as most restaurants are closed for a couple of more weeks, they can *own a beach* for a day.

I took a long walk yesterday on a couple of our beaches. One, Playa Flamenco, is a beach that comes straight out of the classic Caribbean postcard for a perfect beach. In almost a mile, there were two other people there. I picked up a lot of plastic debris that had washed in, first because I hate litter, but second, the sand was so pristine, I couldn't stand marring the visual.
There were only two tents in the campground (which is stretched out along the beach behind the small dunes, shaded with coconut palms and seagrape trees, among others). If I wasn't housesitting, I'd have gotten my own tent to put up for a perfect day or two of quiet, with only waves and birdsong for background music. It's good to live where you want to vacation!

Wild flowers on Flamenco

Walkway over the dunes in the campground

From the camping site I where I stayed during my first trip to Culebra
(no wonder I moved here 3 weeks later)

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