Monday, September 19, 2011


The above title is for an article that came in my Starry Messenger email update from the Starry Skies website, a great spot to check out if you are interested in things skyward. Frankly it was just too good not to use. My first thought was how well it describes certain political parties, and maybe just some individuals too. Ok, that's out of my system

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Sometime in the wee hours we got some rain. Not like the rain we've had since I've been home, but the slashing, bashing sort. The kind that comes with lightning and thunder that literally shook the shack. It was glorious! Except, for the first time since she wiggled her way into my life, CWIM was bounching around like a ping pong ball. Shelf to table to bed to oof chest (mine) and finally to her favorite hiding spot. I'd tell you where that is, but she won't sign the release consent forms. I'm not sure how long it went on but I finally fell back asleep while it was fading away. Oh weather wonders!

This morning, Vieques was supposed to be having its own protest concerning the ferries; I'm awaiting word on the outcome*. Around 10:30 Julian was going around the island with his sound truck, announcing there would be a 6:00a.m. cargo ferry, regardless. I don't know if that happened or not. What I do know is that I went on facebook to see who else heard it, because I thought he was saying there would NOT be a ferry. I was quickly corrected by Angelica that indeed, I got it wrong (surprise!). Between Julian and facebook, we get the news around here at night...the coconut telegraph (yes, and facebook too) working well in the day. Something to be said about 3rd world with a gloss...

I'm still really slow on my connection and have a semi-full plate today, so I'm just going to stop here for now.

Have a faster modem Monday! Do something melodious (beside the silent screaming of a fast typist forced to go at sticky tar speed).

*from Google Translate - for the Spanish version, go here


Vieques occupied since early this morning Elizabeth II terminal to protest once more for the service launches Maritime Transportation Authority (MTA), which for a single month operates a passenger ferry between Fajardo and the two island municipalities.

The mayor of Vieques, Evelyn Delerme, said the situation has caused the island municipality residents have had to make trips of up to seven hours at sea before reaching its destination in the so-called Big Island.

From 5:00 a.m. today, seized the end of Vieques seeking to cripple the service. Shortly before 7:00 am, none of the ships had entered or left the dock, but the first trip is scheduled for 6:30 am

"People have been very diligent, very respectful of the pain of those who suffer from this service and has not been presented to travel," the mayor stressed.

"We have supported not only by their presence, but does not appear to use the services," he added.
Delerme said the situation has already become "intolerable," so that community groups yesterday asked him to Governor Luis Fortuño intervention.

The mayor said the ATM had said last Friday that would have the main boat ready for use, but that did not happen.

The demonstration will last until 6:00 pm today.


  1. Well, as I understand it, the protest is for more ferry's? And it's a hour ride?
    I feel like I'm not seeing the big picture.

  2. It's a bit difficult to get the big picture reading the news through google translate but in a big nutshell: No, we do not need MORE ferries, we need the ten we have to work. They are out of commission for various incredibly stupid reasons, probably the biggest is lack of maintenance, for which the Coast Guard shuts them down. Then they will fix one but some captain will run it aground and we're back to square -1. Our own belief is that the government is letting this occur to allow privatization which of course, will go to the bidder of choice. Whose choice? Guess. Does this help?

  3. p.s. I forgot to should be about an hour, sometimes more sometimes less depending on the speed of the particular ferry. But when Vieques is part of the trip, that extends it to 2 or more hours. Or maybe they've overbooked and people can't get on at all because 'that' ferry' is now broken. Or the Coast Guard told them they can't run it. So now you have 500 people stuck. Some are locals, coming back or going to shopping, school, various appointments, including serious doctor appointments, such as chemo, dialysis etc (I'm not making this up, friends of mine have been and are in this situation, let alone the many I don't know who are). Some are tourists, who would like to get their holiday started or get to their next flight home. I

  4. cut off...point being, it's bad. Very bad. And all for lack of corrective intervention by the government entities that SUPPOSEDLY taxes pay for. Where does that money go? Yes, we'd like to know. Add to that our ferry dock situation...built on bad foundation, torn apart by Hurricane Earl, taken down with the promise to rebuild, still not rebuilt. You remember Earl...over a year ago. Now our ferry dock looks like an internment camp in a terrorized country with only port o lets for over a YEAR?? Oh, am I ranting here? Yes, I am. We have a corrupt and selfish government who are treating Culebra and Vieques like pawns on their ledger sheets. It's disgusting.