Monday, September 26, 2011

Some Sunday on Monday

I think there is a new law of nature on Culebra that some rain must fall on Sunday. I don't know what happened in the two months that I was gone, but for three Sundays now, rain has, at some point, been a part of the view. Well, as that little girl said to me a few years ago,'You know what rain means, don't you? Rainbows!'

Anita, the Grillin' Queen (Sunday Sausage & Football at Dinghy Dock)
 No matter where I looked, or where I was looking from, the clouds were huge and dramatic.

This is Little Bit, or as I originally named him when I took him home to foster as a wee kitty, under the influence of a certain alcoholic beverage, Nikoli. He lived the next years of his life with Marsha and Ren, who fell in love with him and decided to adopt him themselves. Now he lives up on the hill. I'd like to think he remembers me saving his tiny life, but I think he's just a lovely and loving cat.
Sunset on my last night up the hill

The work week begins anew. I'm back at sea level. Life is good.

Have a non-monotone Monday. Do something mercy full.


  1. You dipped Nikoli's tail in whitewash, right?

  2. I think it was his mother who did the dipping, may she RIP. He was the only one of the litter to survive; I think about 6 or so of us got one or two to try and save and amazingly, under my less than doctor directed administrations, he made it. If it wasn't me gently jamming his tiny face into a bowl of condensed milk (he thought the eye dropper was for sissies), it might have been him sleeping in my hairnest...

  3. Thanks to this post, I think I'm having sausages for supper, on the grill!

    Excellent photo set!

    Nice cat shot, look at them chompers!

  4. What beautiful photos. I love the juxtaposing the colors of the boat with the rainbow, and the monocromatic boats on the bay photo. Very nice composition as always. Hey, I sound like an art critic!

  5. Shawke, you not only sound like an art critic, you make it sound like I knew all that stuff to plan! I'll just say, glad you like it, I did too.

  6. Deb, she's not going anywhere...your return awaits!

  7. Mark, hope your sausages were as delicious as the above!

    And yes, it was one of the more ferocious cat yawns I've seen in awhile.