Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Up High

Right before their plane took off, the couple I'm house sitting for and I were talking about how long I'd been taking care of their critters and home, and came up with six years. Which sounds like a short time and a long time at the same time. But until I was up there, taking photos of the bay, that's when I knew it had been enough time for two trees to block the view of the middle of the bay. That somewhere in some storage photo place, I have pictures of the bay entire, those trees at the bottom of the yard barely noticeable.  A measurement of time.

I'd noticed the other day that from a road across the street from me, at an elevation maybe 10 feet above my own home, I can no longer see the top of my own bay, because of a tree. I walked back and forth a bit, realizing how it was once open to view - a couple of docks, some boats, now a tree. And that is how time goes for me on Culebra.

They flew to their big island mini holiday because the ferries are still wrong. I'd heard from a friend who came over for the day on Tuesday that the 5:30 ferry he was supposed to take home left at 4:30 instead, stranding him until the 6:30 (or is it 7?) cargo ferry showed up. He finally made it home by 10:00. They flew because it would be more fun to jump on a timely plane and take a taxi to their fun spot and instant holiday. And because on the way home, when you are done with the holiday (whether you want to be or not), you just want to come home, relax and get ready to go back to the routine without your last holiday moments spent wondering if you are going to be able to come home at all.There are still people taking the ferry, and attempts seem to be being made to make it right.

If you do decide to take the ferry, here is the schedule, posted late, sorry! And thank you Angelica!!

In the small hours of the morning, after some rain had stopped, I went outside to see the lights of town, the lights surrounding the bay, opening up the dark. Another time marker, because there used to not be nearly so many lights. They are kind of beautiful though, reflecting off of the water. A deeply yellow/orange half moon hung, looking temporarily suspended, in the sky, and I knew if I tried to somehow gather all of that into a photograph it wouldn't tell its story. You'll just have to come and see it for yourself, no matter how you get here, it's worth it.

Last night I was cooking some lo mien noodles, in the broth I'd made to cook some chicken (soy sauce, parcha/passion fruit juice, garlic and ginger). These noodles cook pretty fast and aren't real starchy, so it works to cook them in the broth, especially if you put the lid on while it boils. It tastes great and it looks like art, for awhile.

Just another day in Paradox.

Have a soothing Saturday. Do something a little bit silly.


  1. It amazes me how fast things grow in the tropics.

  2. What amazes me is how 'one day' a tree is small and the 'next day' it's huge!