Friday, September 23, 2011

Yikes! Friday already!

Nah, I knew it was Friday already. I'm laid back, not laid out. Well, truthfully, I have been laid out for the last few day with a minor but punch your life into the slow lane for a few days health thing. I'm fine fine fine, but just can't put stress on my toeknuckle eye because it is already unhappy with me.

So that mean I missed the whole autumn equinox! I didn't miss it exactly, I was right here and you were right there, but you, if you read this blog much, know how I like to blather on about sky events. I was robbed! But I'm sure you made it through just fine.

And what about the time change? I wasn't here to help you with that! Never mind That's not until November 6. Which is almost winter, so why do they say Fall Back for a reminder? Most likely a saying from Up North.

Anyway, today I start house/dog/cat sitting from an anonymous hilltop here on Culebra. This is one of those nice side things I do that doesn't really require eyes as much as heart (love the babies) and a vague sense of time (babies are snurfling all over you, must be time to feed them). Along with...well, that's pretty much it except for watering the green things, which is pretty easy. And enjoying the view. Which I'll share.

(there was a whole warning here that didn't show up! I'll recreate it if I can. First, thie next part is for grown ups. Please have all minors leave the room. Please have all people who don't like cursing leave the room. Please have all people who don't like drinking, or don't think drinking and drunk people can be funny leave the room)

Ok, to the three of you that are left (I'm very thankful for my friends). Frankly, laying around in bed is about the most strenuous sort of boredom I know. So, even though I'm not supposed to be stressing my eye (please, all medical advisors, leave the room), I have already read 8 books and spent way too much time online. Thanks to Laurie, I've been laughing a lot because of a youtube girl out there who makes little vignettes called My Drunk Kitchen. This is the episode that got me addicted. I don't know if they are all this funny, but I intend to find out. Vicarious drinking and cooking? What could be better than that? This covers Free Range Friday, by the way. Thanks, Hannah.

In the meantime, meaning until it is time to go up the hill, I'll be doing this. But not so precariously.

Have a freewheeling Friday! Do something forthrightly.


  1. I thought DST ended the weekend before halloween?

    Hope you feel better soon, whatever ails you.

    I always keep track of astronomical events too. There's a satellite falling today or tomorrow.

  2. Dear MJ,

    Last Christmas, a dear friend, who happens to have more money than all my other friends put together, made her famous cherry pie. We all took our first bite and it was clear that she had used salt instead of sugar. I'm toying with the idea of sending her the video. Whaddaya think?

    Your friend,

  3. I'm well on my way to better! According to what I looked up, it's November 6th this year. But maybe that's wrong...I've been wrong before! Hoping no one is hit with a satellite...

  4. Thank you so much for the link to "drunk kitchen" I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. I am trying to only watch one episode a day to savor them. Too funny. I just want to hang out with that girl don't you?

  5. Glad you enjoyed the link, I like your 'one a day' plan! I think I have hung out with that girl...and so have you!

  6. Doug your comment just came through, sorry! As to sending your friend the video, under the circumstances it would depend on just how good a friend she is. And how good her sense of humor is too. Good luck with that, pal!