Tuesday, September 20, 2011

But that was yesterday...

After looking at the photos from yesterday and the sky outside my window today, I can only think of all the contrasts, too many, that are in all of our lives. I'll take both, what choice? but tip the scales on the sunny side, por favor!

[Just a note that we had probably the wildest storm last night of any since I've been on Culebra, maybe the longest lasting of any since I've lived in the Caribbean; it seemed to go on for hours. Credit due, we only lost electricity twice and for brief periods (I thought it was hours until I remembered to try the 'trip the breaker' trick...duhme). I'm not sure how much rain we got, but Karen on Vieques measured 5.5 inches. Except for a gentle rain this morning, the weather has slip slided us so far today.]

The first shots are from the ferry dock. There was a pretty close to perfect play of sun on the water, but I was captured by chatting while clouds took over. The rest are from Flamenco. There was one man coming out of the water when I walked down. He went off the beach and then there was only me. Except, it was so incredibly fine, it hardly felt like there was anyone at all. What is that saying - it's better to be lucky than to be good...

The wind was coming up and it seemed time to go, that curtain of rain moving faster as it drew down on those amazing clouds. As it happens, nothing much came from all of this drama, at least not then. It wasn't until after dark, many hours later, that the storm mentioned above hit. By then my computer had crashed and I gave up many attempts CPR until the morning, when it miraculously came back to me. But only on dial up and some tin cans with string I think, (yes, gurus, it was unplugged at the first distant roll of thunder; just a tired computer, I think)

Have a tremulous Tuesday, what's left of it. Do something thunderous.


  1. Tremulous and thunderous conjoined? Lovely post. I know just where you are with it. I think.

  2. Or...where I would like to be; yes you most likely do know. Thank you for the kind words.

  3. Thanks for the Flamenco fix!

  4. Excellent weather shots! I take pics like this all the time, but don't post them often because I think everyone would think they were boring.

  5. Well, Mark, I hope people don't think they are boring! But even if they do, I'll keep on taking them and keep on posting them...that's what this blog is about - sharing my world, while keeping myself entertained as well!

  6. Deb, my pleasure! And it was.