Thursday, September 29, 2011

Salt of the Earth and Sky

First, for you of the Persuasion, l'shanah tovah! As my much more observant friend from Haifa wrote, ...may this 5772 remind us all this is the only planet we've got, we all need to respect it and each other. 

If you need some last minute menu ideas, go here for something traditional
or here for something I did a couple of years ago, not traditional

It is an incredibly beautiful morning here... Ophelia, one of the strangest storms I've ever watched, fast, slow, falling apart, regenerating, falling south, moving north, has finally gotten herself up and away from us, and hopefully will not be a bother to Bermuda, we'll have to watch and see. While being very destructive rainwise to some of the islands, such as extreme flooding in Dominica, we can again be thankful here for another by-pass.

Today is bread baking day, so I'm in stop and go mode, which suits me pretty well. I'm in the middle of painting shelves, if you happen to notice periwinkle fighting with coral...

Yesterday I heard a deep rumbling and it wasn't the detonations that are going on at Flamenco with found unexploded ordinance. It was a bulldozer moving a very large boat...into the lot next door to me. My infatuation with big machines, along with  the people who drive them, was well rewarded; those things are powerful!!!

But out back (or what I think of as front), all was tranquil, a sky show of clouds, the water clear and beautiful. Life's all here.
Have a non-tedious Thursday! Do something traditional. Or not.


  1. MJ, are you inhaling periwinkle fumes? Yesterday's yesterday was Tuesday...

  2. Oops! I think I'm inhaling 'been up since 4 doing bread stuff! I'll fix that Thanks (yesterday's yesterday...good one, Doug)

  3. Happy New Year to you too, Mark!