Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Got the Sunday Slows

Which are not related to the Sunday blues; I don't have those.

This morning started out with a blotted by clouds sun and then some nice drum rolling thunder, along with, instead of the deluge it looked like, 5,327 fat drops of rain. Enough to use the windshield washers on the way to the store. Not enough to get the seat wet from the window I forgot to roll up. Perfect.

While I was in line at Milka's (Hector and Sandra are on holiday in CANADA! Good for them!), I was talking with a couple of visitors who are staying at the villas on Flamenco. He was carrying a bottle of vodka and one of cranberry, so I knew right away, they were the good sort. We were talking about how, whether it is rainy or sunny, how beautiful it is to be here, the troubles with the ferry (they are from NYC, second visit, but rather upset about the lack of certainty in traveling back and forth - yes, it is not helpful in creating the good will of return visitors when they don't know if they can get to their flights home, hello out there, powers that be???). I hope they return for visit # 3 but in the meantime, they are making the best of Culebra. I like that. A lot.

Face to face encounters are the best!

According to the radar, which can change in an instant, we have rain ahead of us. I think I need to do an anti-Sunday-rain dance, as this is the only day Norman can work on my dinghy and it's been raining on Sunday for ages. So may we all join I can go bail out my houseboat. Yes, we are all the center of our own universe, most of the time. It's true.

We also have a couple of invests to be on the lookout for - make that three. It's that time of year, boys and girls. And that's why I'm not unpacking my 'put-away' things yet. And grabbing a few cans of this and that. And throwing leftovers in the freezer. Like that.

And even though it's not morning anymore, I'm including this Cherokee Morning Song, because it's such a Sunday feeling. Thanks, Matty, for finding this!

Have a soul full Sunday. Do something soothing.


  1. Thank you for the Cherokee Morning Song. It's just what I needed for a Monday after work evening.

  2. Yes, it's that sort of song.