Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Catepillars! They're Baaaack

When I was walking back from feeding the chicks yesterday afternoon, I noticed that a tree in the yard had a number of blackened leaves, right at eye height. Looking closer, I saw that that particular branch was covered with these little fellows.

It's hard to tell that they are only about an inch long, quite unlike their counterparts that love both the false frangipani and the true one. Now, whether they grow up to be the big ones or not, that would be for my biologist friends to answer, as I couldn't find anything definitive.

What I do know is, both of them work fast.

How that branch looked this morning
I looked the big ones up before, thinking that such a brilliantly colored catepillar must become an equally beautiful butterfly. Not so.

From the site Silkmoths I found this photo and a lot of information about the Psuedosphinx tetrio (if indeed the smaller version is this!).

I'm sure there is some sort of moral to this story, but that would be your job to think about. I'm just the messenger!

Have a think a thought Tuesday! Do something transforming. 


  1. I've seen those on Cayman Brac, but a lot bigger than an inch. They'll eat the tree...
    iestbus 149

    1. Yes, the big ones are about 4 or 5 inches long and fat as can be. Really beautiful for making such a drab looking moth.