Friday, December 21, 2012

Free Range Friday ~ Culebra

Yes, here we are. Admit it, the world ending crossed your mind just a wee bit, didn't it?

It's almost impossible to believe that only a week has passed since the loss of 26 people, torn apart by gunfire in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. This time last Friday, most of us hadn't even heard of this little town. We were going about our own Friday morning business, when, it felt like, the world exploded. 

 All the confusing reports are now understood. The burials of children and adults have begun and will continue.  The national conversation paused, centered around the what's and why's behind and in front of what only took seconds,  barely minutes in time, to rock any decent human being to his or her core.

Will we stay rocked? Will this terrilbly long week's impact on our national approach to gun freedoms gone crazily over the edge of technology (with the financial gain for the makers of same, thrilled with the interpretation the NRA puts on the second amendment), will that all fade away, as we move on? As we must move on?   I hope not. I hope that 20 children and the 6 adults who died with protecting them, trying to give them the freedom to live (isn't there also a line about life and the pursuit of happiness, forever denied these 26, that affects a hell of a lot more people than outraged sorts who want assault weapons in their homes and on the streets?) wasn't for nothing.

For the food portion of this free range Friday, I think we can chew on this awhile. 

Speaking of chewing...

I almost tripped over one of these...they are making a fast exodus from this tree, littering the ground, lifting up their little orange heads to get their bearings to where ever they are headed next. 
There are still a few stubborn ones on the very few remaining leaves. Just like old Uncle Herbie, who can't quit going back to the buffet table for one more refill. No, I don't have or know an Uncle Herbie, but if you do, that's not who I meant. Unless it is exactly who I meant.

So, remember what I was wondering, whether the chickens would like to eat the caterpillers? Seems like they just might get the chance. I walk around some while I write these posts, this time because when I went to feed the chicks earlier, one was on the nest and I didn't want to bug (forgive the maybe pun) her by the feeding. So I went back a couple of minutes ago (yes, she was done, two lovely eggs, thank you) and the front of the coop is being invaded...this should be fun!

The world didn't end, though there were plenty of people terrified it would, which seems crazy to me but obviously humanity sort of thrives on some crazy-ass behaviour or we wouldn't have half the television shows available (I was going to list a few but there are way too many and I've never heard of most of them, which can be a dangerous combo to throw out there). 

If you want to know WHY the world didn't end, I like this guy's take on it.  If you don't care why the would didn't end, please, carry on. We won't talk about it anymore. For awhile. Until the next thing.

What a world we live in. What a world.

Have a face freedom fairly Friday. Do something forward.


  1. The end of the Mayan Calendar was just the same as the end of our 12 month calendar every year.

    1. There are lots of thoughts on what the 'end' of their calendar meant, most of them pretty interesting; obviously, the end of the world wasn't one of them.

  2. WOW! I thought you were gonna cook CATERPILLAR today!They look like they may be Monarch or Swallowtail Butterflies in the ugly stage! In and case, chickens love em and are a sure source of protein! Recycle Baby! (Maybe the eggs will BLOOM too!

    1. I stepped on one by accident today, there is no way I'd eat one. No, they turn into a quite boring moth, unfortunately. By afternoon feeding time, they were moved on, I don't know if the chicks got any or not, but I'd not mind if they did!

  3. You know how I feel...and now we know how the NRA finally am thinking and so hoping that we do not forget this time....hoping that the fiscal damn cliff doesn't push us off a steeper moral edge...I love you mama..and you know the world couldn't end if we weren't together drinking wine and eating poor man pâté and stinky cheese and the rarest of steaks...

    1. I swear I'm going to invent that keyboard!