Saturday, December 29, 2012

So That's What Happens on a Full Moon Friday Night!

To say I don't stay out late is a bit of an understatement, and an old joke around here. But last night was a wonderful night to break the norm. A great dinner at Zaco's (glad I got in early to snag a table), where, across the street the house I took a photo of the other day was all lit up and Christmassy.

Then it was a stroll down to Blue at the Spot. Which is the Spot, including the stretch of sidewalk from the Chinese restaurant to Heather's Pizza and a bit beyond. If you are inclined you can mosey down the street and around the corner to Sandbar, but we didn't do that last night. There was plenty going on right where we were, including a fine time catching up and just enjoying the company of two friends down for the holidays. Thanks, Sue and Keith, for being so you. I'm still smiling.

We stood and sat around,  talking, laughing, getting hugs from and giving hugs to friends who wove in and out and around, like a magically choreographed pas a deux except a lot more than deux. Or dos. Or two. With only one spilled drink (the usual way I spill drinks; there it is, sitting on the table, and I fling my hand in gesticulation, hit the straw and there it goes, which is WHY I should stick to the sippy cup) but I think only the table got splashed. If not, sorry!.

Out of that richly thin magical air appeared some music makers, hand drums and a sax player. I knew three of them but who was playing that sweet saxophone? Caroline's father! After knowing her all these years I'd never met him before; what a nice introduction. My new camera, hooray!, is in the mail - thank you, Sarah, for doing what Amazon won't, ie sending electronics to PR - and I wish I'd had it last night, but hopefully, you'll get the feel of the moment(s).

I loved seeing Caroline making music with her Papa!

Culebra Street Life
Moving inside Blue...

Gretchen and Caroline belting out some tunes

 A good full moon night. Shine on, Culebra!

Have a soul sated Saturday. Do something sweetly satisfying.


  1. I thought I was going to see some werewolves or vampires.... Full Moon Friday..
    naditai 4211

    1. Not even a chubacabra showed up!

    2. hhahahaha thats my father and sister ..............iam marco

  2. Marco, fun that you have found the blog! You'll find lots of photos like being almost in your back yard.