Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh What a Night!

And no, it wasn't a party, unless it was Nature's idea of a party. The wind blew, the rain flew, trees creaked (I've GOT to get on the roof and cut that stupid limb). CWIM stayed rolled in a ball under my arm, a first in a long time; it has been too warm for much in the way of up close snuggling. I expected to wake up with the yard showing more dramatic results but there were more papers blown around inside than anything outside. I wondered where that list was.

Nope, all the boats are where they should be, the chicken coop didn't blow away
 So it seems we are finally getting our rainy time. The good thing now is that the result of wishing for a bit of rain won't end in a hurricane. No rain lasts too long, the air is still silky and when the sky is blue it is heading into that winter blue that could be on a plate and eaten, it is so thickly blue. Winter in the Caribbean. It's about time!

And because it was a watery grey dawning with only the barest touches of pink (see above), here is a winter sunrise from a few years back that always makes me happy.

Have a top up your smile torque Tuesday! Do something toe tappingly terrific.


  1. I've been looking at pictures from Mars, they always say they adjusted the picture so that it appears as it would appear in Earths atmosphere. The bottom picture looks like it has been adjusted to appear as it would in Mars's atmosphere!
    yhivry 2

    1. Well, the atmosphere in my backyard sometimes tends toward the outer limit-ish, it could be that. Um. Maybe.