Thursday, December 13, 2012

Culebra Does What It Does Best ~ Peace, Love, Fun

Yesterday's combination of a good friend's birthday and the last night of Arte Fango was, in a word, strong.

I know somewhere there is a good photo of Francie the birthday girl, however, the one I have would not make her happy! But I'm still waiting on photos to come in.  

Instead, here is her birthday cake! Lemon rum with rummy cream cheese frosting. Yes, it's Culebra! -
Helena  came through with photos bright and early though, and kindly gave me permission to use her photos. So here you go, this is a taste of how Culebra says farewell. Arte Fango was a bit of the soul of Culebra, as you can see in Jorge's artwork, and while you can't hear the music of the congas, I hope you can feel the rhythm.

All photo credits: Helena Mesic

Jorge and Helena...thank you so much!

With all the windows and doors gone, outside came inside.

A couple of Jorge's pieces

I don't remember what we were looking at but it was making us laugh

Even the sidewalk hold art

'Sippy cup Neal' brought me my own sippy cup! I'll never spill another glass of wine on him. Thanks, Neal!

This didn't make me feel sad last night, but it does today, in that way that only the word poignant describes.

The party was still going strong when I left. Mary Ann, Rosarito and I decided we were starving and checked out the revamped Chinese place, which now has all the charm of a strip mall (thanks for that description, MA, it's perfect). From a place that embodied the word funky to pretty boring in one fell swoop.

I love the map of Culebra that has been added to both casas.
Hopefully, more photos will arrive soon. Doug Lang made a beautiful video he says will be on youtube soon. When it is, I'll have it up here.

And now, off to Arte Fango to see what the marshalls are up to. It is appropriately rainy and a bit gloomy; we'll see what we see.

Have a thoughtfully testimonial Thursday. Do something transcendent.

More photos, courtesy of Neal Burtner (and his wife!).

Sippy cup buds

Somehow, having a sippy cup while looking serious...not so sure (Jorge looks super tall because I was on the lower level, I'm really not THAT short!) Also in the photo, Suzanne, Helena and Ann, with Tony off to the side.

If we didn't have humor, we'd all go insane(r)
Thanks so much, Neal!!!


  1. Looks like a good party.
    I don't like it when friends leave the island, but better them than me. Just sayin'.
    I always get glad I'm not leaving.

    4320 deennom

    1. Oh, it isn't that Jorge is leaving, it is that he was evicted from this place. The owner of the property wants to tear it down to build a three story hotel. Most of the property is wetlands, protected by law, so what he wants to do is completely illegal. As for the eviction, it IS his property so he was within his rights to evict Jorge, otherwise, his future plans are a disgrace to Culebra, as well as being illegal. We lost a special place and he hopefully, will gain nothing but the ill-will of the community he hopes to exploit.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. Looks like it was a great send-off.

  3. I know this was from a while back, but I just came across it. Beautiful pictures. So much has changed since then. So sad.