Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Day Late, a Full Moon Short

With one thing (and another), I missed the timeliness of posting the full moon rise here yesterday, but it was so good I'm doing it today anyway. From way up in a crow's nest on a two story home, the view was pretty glorious. One way the setting sun, the other way...where was the moon? 

There were boats. All sorts of boats, on a rosy sea with beautiful views. But where was the moon?

This floating city ship got in the way of the sunset colored sea. 

Where I looked to wait for the moon
Looking at the horizon I realized that there wasn't just haze, there was a layer of clouds on the horizon. I could well miss the best part of the moonrise. Howlin' like a wolf for the Wolf down two ladders and back across a very big yard, heading to another porch below. What could be called impatience was exactly that. By two minutes. Literally. Head slappin' time enough.

Because halfway across the yard, there she was.

If I ran back up the yard and climbed the ladders, it would be too late.

So I didn't. 
Clouds appear
and bring to men a chance to rest
from looking at the moon 
- Basho 

Orangeness grew and stayed for a long time. Oh moon!!!

Have a tensionless Thursday. Do something totemic.

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