Friday, February 27, 2015

Free Range Friday ~ Foodless?

"What? Are you too lazy/distracted/forgetful to pick up a camera and shoot some food prep and presentation?" Apparently so. But! A bit of a walk drew out the camera, so here is your visual feast moment.

Morning broke with a heavy cloud cover but it didn't rain until the afternoon. For moments.

All weeds should be this bright.

This is from one of my favorite mango trees on Culebra. And the lady who lives in the house below the trees is a favorite too.

Another tree on the same street. Totally different color of bloom (see? not entirely foodless!)
Later in the day, on another walk, I saw these horses who had been hanging around this area most of the day. I'm pretty sure they are drunk.

This one was coming across the road to me when along came a car. Horse, she don't care.

Such interesting dynamics were going on here. This male had been lusting after a horse he couldn't get to, even as his harem wandered up and down the road, letting him tire of the game. Eventually they started heading out and he followed. Or led from behind. 

Cashews soon come!

More food!

For some reason, this little spot always says Culebra to me, whether there is anyone there or not.

Have a food filled Friday. Do something.

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