Monday, February 16, 2015

Mud Slappin' in a Buzzing World

After three days of lots of rain and waking up to the sound of more, the ground is super saturated, making me go as slippyslidey as a pig on ice. I haven't fallen yet but there are some interesting tracks out there with my watershoe tread on them. 

The upsides of course are the full cisterns and crazy happy plants (just make sure your potted plants aren't drowning!). The downside is the horrible muddy rock filled waters from badly constructed (unpermitted *cough*) roads and clear cut land dumping tons of sediment into the bay. Where it kills living things, by the way, just in case the ugliness of it in the bay alone doesn't trip your 'this ain't right!' trigger.

Hey you irresponsible land rippers who moved to Culebra because 'it's so beautiful' - and those of you who are from here selling out to the pocketbook with no care as to what happens to YOUR island next - how about getting your acts together and clean up after yourselves so the creatures in the sea don't have to pay for your selfishness? If you can afford to buy the land and build on it, you can damn well afford to take care of it and not pollute...[keyboard starts smoking]

Um, ok, that's enough of the downside.

There has been enough of a lull between deluges, both gentle and those imitating conga night at Dinghy Dock on the roof (which I like a lot, by the way), for Mr. Sol to do a bit of work. Slogging between buildings to find yet another 'where did I pack that' item, the strange vibration and buzzing of bees entered my ears and being. 

There, over my head, were many, many, many bees hard at work on this newly bloomed palm tree. It was high enough (or I'm just short enough) that I could stand pretty close to directly below them and click away. It was glorious!

Go, honey makers! Go, pollinators! While the two leggeds work on destroying and saving this planet, you go about your business. We are your cheerleaders who don't spray our plants with poisons, thereby poisoning you darlings. Buzz on, to carry our planet through another day. 

Have a mudpie making  Monday. Do something minding your manners.


  1. Damn straight! Go go girl!

  2. Where we live our domestic water comes from the Dan River which runs midway through the city. A year ago Duke Energy had a major coal ash spill 20 miles upriver dumping 50,000 tons of ash into the river for 75 miles. Our Water treatment facility is top notch and was able to keep our drinking water safe to use while the cleanup was done. Last week residents started complaining about the water tasting and smelling like dirt. Not pleasant. We are told it is safe to drink and the filtration plant is adding charcoal filters to eliminate the odor and bad taste. The problem is caused by runoff from clear cutting timber lands and farming, not construction. Construction erosion control is strictly regulated and controlled, whereas farming and timber cutting is not. Keeping our water, both fresh and saltwater, clean and pure should be a top priority. Earth has the same amount of water as it had from the beginning, no new water is being made, it just moves around the planet. Every nation, every industry and every person is responsible for keeping our water clean. Asia's water today will be Americas tomorrow.

  3. Sad indeed...Things have changed so much in Culebra in the past 10 years, specially the past 5...I can't imagine how it will be 10 years from now.