Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tiny Home Tuesday ~ Cracker Up

I still get an email every so often of homes for sale in Florida, from back in the day when the economy was in the toilet, well maybe already to the sewer itself, and prices were very, very low to live on the river in one of my favorite east coast areas. I can't quite bring myself to unsubscribe to this, it keeps me aware of what is happening in real terms with the economy, plus I just like looking at the river from different views. 

Sometimes it brings to mind the really old Florida homes, the cracker homes, and how smartly they were designed for the location. High heat, crazy humidity, no a/c and that was on a good day. These designs still work today, whether tiny, small or grand. Ok, maybe not grand. But absolutely worth reading about and incorporating some of these very old ideas with new technology (think solar panels).

All photos from Southern Living House Plans

Southern Living has a nice selection of house plans based on the cracker style.

At almost 1500 square feet (both levels total), this is a small, rather than tiny home. 

There could be a wrap around porch with a screened in area for a 'sleeping porch' spot as well. House plans are just that; plans. Like recipes, they can usually be messed around with to suit your own taste. 

For today, taste some cracker style. It works!

Have a touchthepast Tuesday. Do something toward forward.


  1. I have always appreciated the cracker house and how it worked in the environment :)

  2. No doubt every region has its old time examples of building to the environment (sod roof embankment homes come to mind), but this style is one I know from experience and love! The invention of air conditioning changed...everything.

  3. I remember living with heat as a kid, sleeping outside in the summer to stay cool and have a bit of adventure. Folks got an air conditioner after I moved out :)

    1. Outside? At night? And the authorities didn't slam your parents with being neglectful?! Yes, we live in a different world.