Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hours of Bay Watch

Ensenada Honda being the bay watched, of course. Along with sailboats. Sorry, hopeful lurkers, no hot human bodies today. Unless you look really, really closely.

The first boat I saw was Buddy, gracefully swooping across the bay. 

I don't know who this was, but it was startlingly bright white on blue.
A good dinner cooked and the good company of my son, I forgot to take photos. And then it was dark. Really dark. I'd post that photo but you'd just see what I saw. Dark.

Then, it wasn't dark. Incredibly, once again the earth and universe kept on the old paths and patterns and again came the light. Stunning, this. Think about it.

A subdued dawning

Light and lights

Ah!! Let the show begin! But this was pretty much the highlight I saw. 

Just a few minutes ago, the bay turned to mercury. 
And so it will go, minute by hour by day by month by year. Whenever I'm up here it isn't hard to put a lot of craziness in life into perspective. Trees grow up into the view, boats are many or few and the scene determined by weather and season is always different. But really, it is always the same. I could include all sorts of environmental issues but there is, unfortunately, plenty of other chances to mention those. For now, this sameness; long before I saw it and long after my eyes will be forever closed, this sameness. Breathe in, breathe out. This is good.

Have a weed your wars Wednesday. Do something watchful.


  1. Light and lights photo, gorgeous! Be there in 7, Hounddog awaits, we're in love with him. :)))

    1. It's going to be glorious, this reunion and forever homeless. WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO

  2. So I'm scrolling down and thinking, "I have to comment on this photo...." then more scrolling, "no, I must comment on that photo...." then more scrolling, " this is the best photo..." Heck, they were all great, but I am partial to "light and lights." Your Island looks beautiful today.

    1. Your reactions are my joy in sharing my photos. Thank you!!